The design of our restaurant was created by the Davis Group. The culinary team consist of our Executive Chef Tyler Bellisle and Sous Chef Jesse (James) Ryan.

Tyler Bellisle (TLM) and Jesse (James) Ryan are responsible for the culinary magic at Dillon's. The Executive and Sous chefs are great friends and culinary wizards.
They use a combination of experience and education to create a passionate, fully visible kitchen. Our guest can watch and communicate with both Jesse and Tyler. In fact, open communication is often encouraged.

Jesse has a passion for music, books and his Bluejays. He can spin a pie and watch a ballgame at the same time.

Tyler is our family man. Studying to become a lawyer, he has two beautiful children, loves music, podcast and football. His desserts are magic to your palate.

Jesse James and Tyler have created all our pizzas, salads, ribs, Meatballs, soups and desserts from original recipes.